Brand Promise

No one knows what he or she doesn’t know. But as someone who worked on hundreds of brands, he knows what works and what doesn’t.

That is why Ilan is so confident that he can open your mind to things you don’t know. If you are a responsible CEO, you owe it to yourself, your shareholders, your employees and customers, to be open to reviewing your brand. After all, it is the biggest asset your company owns. Better yet, your current and future customers own it. Have you thought of that? Let’s talk, what do you have to lose on your way to potential 25% increase in profits?

Brand Take-Off

One familiar situation I’ve seen in many businesses is what I call: “ Waiting on the runway”.

Some businesses are stuck on the runway for years, they are profitable, but do not increase activity, revenue, awareness or number of customers for too long. This is not a healthy business environment, and in many cases leads to early decline in the brand life cycle. Lets review your situation and examine the possibilities for a take off. If you are ready to fly, don’t just sit there, let’s talk.

Start building your brand equity and consider:

  • Commanding Premium pricing,
  • Having protection against price wars, or how to weather a crisis
  • New products success,
  • Leverage with channel partners,
  • Attracting co-branders,
  • Attracting licensers,
  • Becoming a magnet for recruiting,
  • Drive up employee pride,

Finding customers, who won’t consider competitors, will request your brand, recommend your brand, and refuse substitutions.

Brand Launch

It’s all a matter of building a great brand, not just new technology or a shiny toy.

Whether you just finished your MBA studies with a brilliant business plan, or if you got your angel investor funds waiting, your newborn brand is just a baby. Will it live to grow into the next Facebook or Starbucks, or will it die early like Netscape or MySpace?…

And if you are already functioning as a wobbling young infant, there is still a long road ahead, and the wolves are waiting at the next curve in the road…are you ready?

Building a great brand with strong brand equity helps to erect many defensive mechanisms and to ensure a long life.

Brand Launch - Ilan Geva - Global Branding Consultant

Brand Maturity

How’s Next Year’s Crop Looking?

If you are a mature business, review your company/brand honestly:

In the current classic brand management system, your brand manager is too often a relatively inexperienced person who rarely stayed in the job more than two years.  60% of MBA graduates had no previous work experience, and the most common job they get first is that of product manager.  The strategic perspective for growth calls for the brand manager to be higher in the organization, with a longer-term job horizon; in the brand leadership model, he or she is often the top marketing professional in the organization.  If marketing talent is at the top, the brand manager can be CEO.  This is ideal.  The brand must at least live with the CEO.

Brand Maturity - Ilan Geva - Global Branding Consultant

Conceptually- Compare brand image to brand equity.  Brand image is tactical—an element that drives short term results and can be comfortably left to advertising and promotion specialists.  Brand equity, in contrast, is strategic—an asset that can be the basis of competitive advantage and long-term profitability and thus needs to be monitored closely by the top management.  The goal of brand leadership is to build brand equities rather than simply manage brand images.

Brand Decline

Get Me Out Of Here!

If you experience decline in sales, brand equity and things don’t look so good, don’t panic.

There are solutions, and they don’t start with going to the bank for another loan, or calling the attorneys to find a legal solution.

It just might be that your brand is a bit under the weather.

Let’s sit together and examine the situation.

Ilan has saved multinational brands by changing the packaging, and increasing sales by 30%…

Brand Decline - Ilan Geva - Global Branding Consultant

A simple brand audit or comprehensive check up could reveal symptoms that might not deal a lethal blow to the business.

Ilan has been there, and seen quite a few of those situations.

Many businesses don’t understand the difference between a product and a brand, and that alone could be an issue. While the product is selling, the brand is the ultimate memory in consumers’ minds. Lets take care of the brand first.


How’s That “REBRANDING” Working For U?

Ilan doesn’t think for a minute that your brand is a pig, but taking care of your brand means that you look at it from all 360°, not just the front…

You must consider all the brand touchpoints that together create the consumer experience.

PHASE 1: The Pre Purchase stage
PHASE 2: The actual Purchase
PHASE 3: And the Post Purchase stage

Rebranding - Ilan Geva - Global Branding Consultant

You must consider each and every step you take, and build the right customer experience in each stage.

That is the only way to rebrand yourself into profit.

Forget new logos, new advertising campaign or replacing your CMO.

Find ways to control the voyage your product or service takes with the consumer at every point.

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