The way it should be done
Success and failure come in all sizes. Whether you’re a corporate giant or a smaller mission-driven organization, you compete in the same cluttered, confusing marketplace. You need to get your brand noticed, differentiate it from others, and make it relevant to make it grow.Do you dream about growing stronger or bigger? Do you imagine you can achieve more, expand your mission or accomplish it more effectively? We can help determine if your dream is really possible, and show you how to turn it into reality. Whether your organization and your budgets are larger or smaller, strategy, branding, and marketing communications shouldn’t be seen as a luxury, but an investment.To make your brand work harder, even harder than your competitors, you need to invest and find a partner who can help bring experience, energy, and creativity to the effort.Can you do better? Most organizations can. We bring years of experience working with both multinational and local brands to help clients do just that —by seeing things differently, bringing them new ideas, helping them make their brands stronger inside and out.


Brand Reposition – As a family owned and operated business since 1981, Buona Beef was a dormant brand, not showing growth or future trends. It was also a very confusing brand for consumers (more)


Corporate Turnaround – As a global architecture firm, Murphy/Jahn needed to reposition, update and reintroduce the firm to the world, with its new internal partners, attitude and reinvigorated commitment (more).


Destination Branding – Lisbon is one of Europe’s most beautiful cities, and most unknown. We were approached by the LCB in 2007 to increase the brand awareness of the city in the U.S., (more)


Beyond the hype

The Medical Tourism market is growing, and is connected heavily to hospitality and other travel factors. While many businesses are committed to investing in marketing and branding, the medical tourism sector is still spending few dollars mostly on the wrong marketing channels. The outcome is clear. We have vast experience in assessing the feasibility of destinations/hospitals/doctors in succeeding in this extremely competitive category. We excel in promoting destinations for Medical Tourism purposes, and we represent destinations promoting Meetings, Incentive Travel, Conferences and Events (MICE) in markets inside and outside the U.S. Those who understand this unique market know the essential connection between the two categories. Above all, we build our clients’ brands and make them known and desirable to their relevant target audiences. We worked with some of the largest and best-known Healthcare, Travel and Hospitality brands in the US and abroad. We have developed successful brand positioning and programs for a diverse group of clients.


Medical Brand Turnaround – In May 2013, our colleague Maria Todd, one of the most well known experts in the healthcare business, who introduced us to Poudre Valley Foot & Ankle Clinic, contacted us. That client decided to work with us, and within weeks, we toured the 3 clinics they run in Colorado and Wyoming, and proposed a plan. (more)


Global Expert in Medical Tourism –

One of Ilan’s business category specialties is Medical Tourism. As a marketing/advertising/ branding executive for many years, Ilan had the opportunity to work with both tourism and healthcare clients. This experience works well within the medical tourism industry, (more)


Brand Touchpoint Rehabilitation – Healthcare marketing can be highly technical. It’s hard to keep in touch with the needs of customers (prospective patients and families) when you are trying to explain complex medical or scientific information. The Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago, the largest physical rehabilitation hospital in the U.S., (more)

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What are we offering? We offer a menu of options in a variety of categories. We see the two main categories as Education and Training.

1. Education – Ilan Geva is available to teach concentrated classes all over the world. These courses could be tailored into a marketing curriculum, and performed in a short period of one to two weeks. Previous experiences include traveling to India and conducting classes for a week at IMT Ghaziabad, or teaching single classes to EMBA students from Chinese universities in the U.S.
2. Training – As mentioned above, Ilan Geva is available to travel and train corporations, organizations and associations globally. Previous experiences in clued U.S. based universities and corporations, South American trade organizations, European ad agencies, Middle Eastern ad agencies and companies.
3. Third option – In some cases, Ilan’s assignments begin as a speaking engagement, and continuing as a training opportunity for attendees. However, prior arrangements must be made for this option.