How’s Next Year’s crop looking?

If you are a mature business, review your company/brand honestly:

In the current classic brand management system, your brand manager is too often a relatively inexperienced person who rarely stayed in the job more than two years.  60% of MBA graduates had no previous work experience, and the most common job they get first is that of product manager.  The strategic perspective for growth calls for the brand manager to be higher in the organization, with a longer-term job horizon; in the brand leadership model, he or she is often the top marketing professional in the organization.  If marketing talent is at the top, the brand manager can be CEO.  This is ideal.  The brand must at least live with the CEO.

Conceptually- Compare brand image to brand equity.  Brand image is tactical—an element that drives short term results and can be comfortably left to advertising and promotion specialists.  Brand equity, in contrast, is strategic—an asset that can be the basis of competitive advantage and long-term profitability and thus needs to be monitored closely by the top management.  The goal of brand leadership is to build brand equities rather than simply manage brand images.