Branding and Brand Management

Being engaged in branding is not synonymous with brand management.

If a good brand means that people think about you positively, than brand management is the process of maintaining that positive thought.

When you look for a job and see a job description of “Brand Manager”, it is most likely a Product’s Manager job.

Brand managers today are more that just managing the supply chain, distribution and P&L of a product.

A lot of things have to be managed on the way to become a good brand.

The large part of those activities are internal, and only some are articulated in advertising…

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In today’s hyper-connected world, any brand with a website or digital presence is ‘global’ by its very definition; yet in practice it takes an enormous amount of strategic planning and adaptability to successfully manage an international brand. Global Brand Management explores the increasingly universal scope of brand management. In an era when many brand managers will find themselves working for large multinationals operating across varied territories, categories and consumer groups, developing an understanding of both the opportunities and risks of multinational brands is truly essential.

Meticulously researched, Global Brand Management shows readers how to manage an existing global brand, while simultaneously equipping them with the skills to build one from scratch. The text uses fascinating case studies including Oreo, Harley Davidson and Xiaomi to demonstrate the challenges of maintaining a stable brand identity when operating across territories with different languages, cultural values and logistics. With helpful pedagogy throughout and built-in features to enhance classroom learning, Global Brand Management is the perfect springboard for students to appreciate, enjoy and embrace the nuances and complexities of brand management on an international scale.

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