One familiar situation I’ve seen in many businesses is what I call:                                            “ Waiting on the runway”.

Some businesses are stuck on the runway for years, they are profitable, but do not increase activity, revenue, awareness or number of customers for too long. This is not a healthy business environment, and in many cases leads to early decline in the brand life cycle. Lets review your situation and examine the possibilities for a take off. If you are ready to fly, don’t just sit there, let’s talk.

Start building your brand equity and consider:

  • Commanding Premium pricing,
  • Having protection against price wars, or how to weather a crisis
  • New products success,
  • Leverage with channel partners,
  • Attracting co-branders,
  • Attracting licensers,
  • Becoming a magnet for recruiting,
  • Drive up employee pride,

Finding customers, who won’t consider competitors, will request your brand, recommend your brand, and refuse substitutions.